Monday, April 14, 2014

Of Unity and Uniformity, April Newsletter Message

As a ward Relief Society, we have been focusing on the topic of unity.  We are commanded to be one, following the example of the Godhead.  The Godhead is made up of distinct beings who are one in purpose.   Like the Godhead, it is important that our Relief Society is unified (i.e. one in purpose), but we should not confuse the command for unity with a desire for uniformity.  There is great diversity within the Relief Society at every level, and it is one of our strengths.

There are many who may assume that there is a “typical” Mormon woman.  If you ask for a description, it might include a list of noble qualities blended with traditionally feminine skills.  When we try to imagine this paragon of womanly virtue, we might assume that she is clean, organized, skilled at all things related to homemaking, spiritually strong, and morally upright. She always reads the Sunday School lesson in advance and is always ready to substitute in any classroom of the church on a moment’s notice.  In short, she perfectly possesses all the qualities and skills we most admire and very few of our own shortcomings.  Fortunately, she is a myth!

So,  what is truly typical of our people?  Truly, the one thing that will always unite us is our doctrine.  The doctrine of the gospel is the one thing of eternal value and lasting importance that we really need to focus on.  Everything else is just fluff.  Our differences are wonderful and should be celebrated.  Our diversity can even help us strengthen our commitment to being one in Christ, without giving up those qualities that make us each unique.  The Relief Society declaration states that “we are united in our devotion to Jesus Christ, our Savior and Exemplar.”  That is important.  Fitting a mold or a stereotype of a "typical" Mormon women?  Not so much.

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